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Many coatings need curing in addition to drying. Typically “curing” means elevating the temperature of the coating beyond the drying temperature. Curing can mean that a chemical reaction takes place between different components of the coating to achieve the desired properties.

When your process requires curing a coating, you will need a longer oven with multiple heating zones and with the capability to produce higher temperatures. Choosing the right design and heating technology is crucial to control costs and produce quality results.

Radiant Energy’s Unique Curing Oven Designs

Radiant Energy is known for our creative designs that combine multiple technologies to create a unique curing oven solution that maximizes drying and curing efficiency for the specific application. Our curing ovens save space, decrease energy costs and give you the highest possible line speed and production capacity. They are also designed with precision PLC controls for monitoring and adjusting temperature, humidity and air volume (where appropriate) throughout the stages of the curing process.

A good example is our unique design for PTFE sintering (or curing) ovens. Sintering is a form of curing used in the manufacturing process for metals, ceramics, plastics and other materials.

Radiant Energy’s curing oven design for PTFE sintering uses a distinct combination of technologies to create an efficient and effective process. The initial drying to 180 degrees is accomplished with a medium wavelength electric IR heater combined with air, to gently dry and prevent defects in the coating. The baking stage uses a gas IR heater for higher intensity to reach the desired product temperature of 400 degrees F and to lower energy costs. The curing or sintering stage requires the coating to reach 750 degrees F and also uses gas IR. The result is a highly efficient process that has successfully replaced older tower dryers using hot air for curing PTFE.

Curing Oven Applications

In addition to PTFE, Radiant Energy designs curing ovens for a wide variety of products and applications, including:

  • appliances
  • automotive
  • batteries
  • building materials
  • carpets
  • coatings
  • coil coating
  • flexible electronics
  • fiberglass
  • film
  • filter media & filters
  • furniture (lawn & garden)
  • glass
  • industrial fabrics
  • medical devices
  • microporous membrane
  • paint finishing
  • powder coating
  • printed circuit boards
  • screen printing
  • silicone
  • textiles
  • tubing
  • vinyl
  • wire & cable
  • yarn