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Would an IR heater work for you? Do you have the space for a long-length hot air dryer? What about combining the technologies, and how does that work? Radiant Energy can help you sort it all out.

Radiant Energy has 30 years of experience with manufacturing processes for worldwide markets, as well as a variety of industries, products and materials. Our in-depth knowledge about both industrial infrared heaters and hot air technologies can guide you in working out your process details and choosing the technology and design that’s optimal for your application.

Especially when you’re just beginning to define your needs for new drying equipment for your manufacturing line, working with Radiant Energy’s knowledgeable and experienced engineers can save R&D time and help you develop a process that’s guaranteed to work for you.

While computer modeling and old-fashioned calculations are basic for designing and sizing a dryer, the ultimate way to verify exactly what will work best for your application is actual testing on a lab line or pilot line. Here’s what you stand to gain by investing in process optimization with Radiant Energy’s well-equipped pilot line:

Validation of process details

Lab line testing can confirm the maximum temperature and velocity the coating and the substrate can tolerate without any damage to either. It eliminates the time and material wasted on your manufacturing line working out the specifics.

Choose the right dryer size and technology

Process optimization and testing will confirm that your requirements are correct, and will give you a dryer that is not over-designed but provides plenty of cushion for future needs. You can also determine if your process can benefit from the use of multiple drying technologies.

Learn from knowledgeable experts

You can gain a lot of insight from Radiant Energy’s engineers who work day in and day out with many companies in different industries and with a variety of applications. They can offer advice and ideas that you won’t get from peers who have only worked in your own industry.