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When it comes to making a large capital investment like manufacturing process equipment, you need to be sure that your equipment supplier’s service is as reliable as the product itself. Radiant Energy provides fast and dependable field service and remote support for every dryer we build. And you’ll never be handed off to a technician who doesn’t know your system; you’ll get support from the experienced engineers who design our systems.

Radiant Energy’s services include:

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

At the end of the final equipment assembly process, your company may require a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to validate the functionality of the equipment you are purchasing. It’s worthwhile to take advantage of FAT even if your company does not normally require it. While Radiant Energy always performs functional testing before the equipment leaves our factory, FAT is a great opportunity to see for yourself that everything is working as expected.

In most cases, the customer visits Radiant Energy’s facility to see the oven in operation, but you also have the option to do the test at your own facility if required. Depending on the criticality, functionality and complexity of your project, your FAT will include tests that ensure full mechanical and electrical operation of the oven and a test run with sample material.

As part of the FAT process, we will take the time to demonstrate all the system controls for your engineers, including what every part of the system does and how it works. If your system includes PLC controls, your engineers will have the opportunity to go through the simulated process on the HMI screen so they leave with a complete understanding of each button, alarm screen and even the supervisory screens that plant operators cannot access.

Installation Support

Especially for a large, complex installation, it may be worthwhile to have one of Radiant Energy’s design engineers on site for a few days to supervise the process of setting up your new oven and offer helpful advice. In case any questions arise, you’ll have an expert right there to provide the assistance you need to get everything up and running as quickly as possible.


The need for training operators, engineers and maintenance staff on a new piece of equipment will vary depending on your application and your company’s resources. Radiant Energy can provide on-site training to bring your staff up to speed on the new dryer. Or if it works better for you, Radiant can provide documentation and training to one of your engineers who can train your staff.

On-site Service

When an unexpected issue happens, your line is stopped and you’re losing money with every minute that you’re not producing product. We understand the importance of fixing every problem as quickly as possible so you can get back up and running. That’s why we offer quick response and dependable engineering know-how. What’s more, Radiant Energy designs equipment from the ground up for serviceability, so parts can be replaced quickly and downtime reduced.

Remote Support

This service can be a significant time saver when travel to your factory can take a day or more. In many cases, issues can be resolved remotely by dialing into the system. We can also troubleshoot an issue over the phone with one of your own engineers when you have a question that can’t wait. These services can be a lifesaver when your manufacturing line is down, and can also save money on unnecessary service calls.

Parts Availability

If a part fails, it doesn’t help much if the service response time is 24 hours, but it takes 3 days to get the part. There may be certain parts in your oven that are custom made and/or require a long delivery time frame. In this case, we will provide you with a list of critical spare parts so that you can keep these in stock in case of a failure. Doing so can prevent having your line shut down for weeks.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance helps reduce or even eliminate the need for unplanned service interruptions. At regular intervals that depend on your volume and usage of the equipment, it needs to be cleaned, inspected, and certain parts replaced as a preventative measure to prevent line stoppages. This service includes the following:

  1. Calibrating Instruments – To maintain certifications, protocols require that all instruments and gauges be calibrated on a regular schedule to ensure their accuracy.
  2. Replacing Filters – Hot air ovens contain filters that remove the dust flying around the plant to keep it out of the oven and prevent it from settling on your product. When dust and debris accumulate to a certain degree on the filter, it needs to be replaced.
  3. Proactively Changing Parts – Parts such as thermocouples, flame igniters and flame rods often have predictable life spans. Many companies choose to replace these inexpensive parts proactively during scheduled maintenance rather than waiting for them to fail. This smart planning means less downtime for your line, less wasted product and less lost revenue.
  4. Checking Electrical Connections – Tightening connections and inspecting wiring can prevent arcing and unexpected failure of heating elements in your dryer.
  5. Inspecting Belts – Fan belts and roller belts wear over time and occasionally need to be replaced. In some types of systems, the condition of the belt is important to maintain the correct amount of tension to move the product through the oven.
  6. Oven Cleaning – Every once in a while, webs may break and coating material may get onto oven parts. If not regularly removed, the buildup can damage the dryer as well as your product.