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Radiant Energy Systems is a leader among industrial oven manufacturers and infrared (IR) oven manufacturers, designing and constructing high quality process heating systems utilizing the latest in infrared and hot air drying and curing technology. We don’t just build equipment: our talented and experienced engineers and design professionals can provide you with the most creative and energy-efficient solutions for your process heating needs. Our dryers are designed for high efficiency, minimum maintenance and long life. We aim for space saving designs using the highest rates of heat transfer for applications in industries such as pressure sensitive adhesives, flexible packaging, filtration media, advanced composites, batteries, clean room applications, PTFE coatings and many more. Our dryers can be oriented horizontally, vertically or angled.

Other industrial oven manufacturers merely conform to industry standards. Radiant Energy Systems creates solutions that not only conform to the highest standards, but define those standards.

Hot Air Ovens, Infrared Ovens, Industrial Dryers

Whether you’re looking for hot air or infrared technology, or a unique solution combining both, Radiant Energy Systems’ team of engineers can design the right system which is perfect for your process. We are experienced in all phases of heating system production including heaters and controls, integration of various heating sources into specific drying applications, and the cost-effective construction of complete heating systems.

To advance drying technologies and to support our customer’s needs in R & D, Radiant Energy has built an Innovation Center with a full range of drying technologies, so we can evaluate different approaches to drying and curing under varying conditions. The drying technologies include: impingement dryers, flotation dryers, through air dryers, infrared dryers using many different types of heaters, and combination dryers.

The extra time spent in research and development results in innovative and economical ways to improve the quality of our products and yours. We also have fully-functional pilot lines with capabilities to unwind, coat with Meyer rod or knife over roll coaters, dry, laminate, guide and rewind. On a separate line we can use powder or web adhesives to laminate multiple webs or sheets. For more details, see our Innovation Center page. We invite you to take advantage of our equipment and expertise for pilot testing at our facility.

Why Choose Radiant Energy Systems

Here’s how Radiant Energy is different from other hot air and infrared (IR) oven manufacturers: we go well beyond merely meeting the spec. Our team carefully assesses the needs of each client and project to custom-design a solution that not only meets requirements but also solves problems and optimizes the process. That’s how we have developed such a long list of satisfied repeat customers (including many OEMs) over the years, who come to Radiant Energy Systems for all their process heating needs. Our customer-centric approach and excellent value for your capital dollar ensures our continued growth.