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Radiant Energy Systems, Inc. is at the forefront in the design and construction of high quality process heating systems utilizing the latest in hot air ovens and infrared drying and curing technology.

We have been manufacturing industrial hot air dryers and ovens using flotation, impingement and through air technologies as well as infrared heater systems for over 27 years. Our specialty is industrial dryers and ovens for continuous process heating.

Our engineers and design professionals employ their extensive experience and capabilities to provide you with creative, energy-efficient solutions for your heat processing needs. We work globally with manufacturers and OEMs. Read more inside about the vast range of services and products we engineer.

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  • Infrared Lamination Ovens
    Infrared Oven For Laminating Foam To Fabric For Automotive Interiors. Line Runs at 90fpm. 10ft Long Oven For A 72" Wide Web. Can Be Used For Web Adhesives or Powder Adhesives.
  • Impingement Web Dryers
    45ft Long, 2 Zone, Hot Air Impingement Arched Drying System Designed For Drying PSA Coatings Onto 60" Wide Paper And Film Substrates. Line Speeds Up To 300fpm.
  • (1) Impingement, (1) Flotation and (1) Infrared Predryer
    Combination System For A 42" Wide Microporous Filtration Media Line. Includes A 20ft Long, 2 Zone Roller Supported Impingement Web Dryer And A 20ft Long, 2 Zone Flotation Dryer And An Infrared Air Predryer.
  • Infrared With Air
    180" Long X 56" Wide X 36"High, Infrared Air Drying System For Drying Waterbased Adhesive Coatings at 750fpm. Laminating A 45" Wide Paper For Food Packaging.
  • Electric & Gas Infrared Towers
    Vertical, 20ft High x 68" Wide 3-Zone Tower Dryer For Drying, Baking And Sintering PTFE Coatings On Film with Electric and Gas Infrared Heaters. 30fpm Line Speed.
  • Through Air Dryers
    19ft Long x 9ft Wide, 2 Zone Through Air System For Manufacturing Sound Deadening Material. Using Recycled Fibers And Low Melt Polypropylene as a Binder. A 2"-4" Thick Carded Material Is Fed To The Dryer Results In A ½" Thick High Density Finished Product.
  • Embossing Infrared Preheater
    Electric Infrared Preheater System For Heating Vinyl Covered Wallcoverings Prior To Embossing. 16.5" Long X 68" Wide X 4.5" High With 3 Zones At 18ypm.
  • Flotation Web Dryers
    60ft. Long x 5.5ft Wide, Gas Fired 3 Zone Flotation Oven Designed to Heat and Cure 100% Solids Silicone Coatings On Coated Paper Or Half Mil PET Film. Each Zone Has Motorized Retraction. Line Speed 900-1300fpm.
  • Infrared Lamps In Cassettes
    Electric Infrared Heater System For Curing Various Coatings On Thin Films Used in The Manufacture of Solar Panels.
  • Counter Flow Hot Air Ovens
    50 ft. Long x 80" Wide, Low Profile Counterflow Hot Air Oven To Cure Resin Impregnated Carbon Fiber Composite Material on Release Liner For Wind Turbine And Aerospace Industries.
  • Industrial Infrared Heaters
    Vertical, 46" Wide Infrared Predryer For Waterbased Coatings On Carbon Fabric To Increase Line Speed For Manufacturing Of Fuel Cells. Heaters Are Positioned On Both Sides And Pressurized And Purged For Safety From Carbon Fibers.
  • Custom Designed Systems
    Custom Engineered Ovens Using Gas or Electric Infrared, Hot Air Ovens Or Combination Systems for Unique And Challenging Applications.
  • Radiant Round Cylindrical IR Ovens
    Cylindrical Infrared Heaters In Various Diameters And Lengths For the Wire, Cable, Tube, PTFE Tubing, Pipe, Rope, Hose and Profile Industries. Suitable For Horizontal And Vertical Configurations. Heaters Are Stackable.
  • Infrared Heater Systems
    Infrared Preheating Tunnel For Gelling Powder Coatings On Heavy Metal Parts for Earth Moving Machinery. 8ft Long x 6ft Wide x 7ft Tall; 640 kW.
  • Test New Products and Methods
    Run Pilot Line Tests With Our Engineers to Develop New Products Or Improve Existing Processes. We Offer Limited Production Runs. Send Us Products to Test For You On Our Lab Line.
  • IR Heaters With Blower And Controls
    Weekly Rentals Of Many Different Types of Infrared Heaters: Infrared With Air, Tunnel Heaters And Cylindrical Heaters. Test In Your Plant On Your Line.

Industries & Applications:

  • Adhesive Lamination
  • Annealing
  • Automotive
  • Batteries
  • Composites
  • Converting
  • Dry Adhesive Lamination
  • Electronics
  • Fiberglass
  • Film Converting
  • Filter Media
  • Flat Panel Heaters
  • Flexo
  • Foil Converting
  • Gas Fired IR Heaters
  • Glass
  • Industrial Fabrics
  • Ink Jet Printer Dryers
  • Medical Devices
  • Nonwovens
  • PTFE
  • Silicone
  • Solvent Adhesives & Coatings
  • Textiles
  • Tubing
  • Woven & Nonwovens

If you are looking for Web Dryers, Impingement Web Dryers, Infrared Conveyor Ovens & Gas IR For Process Heating, we are the #1 choice. At Radiant Energy Systems, we offer SOLUTIONS for your process heating needs. Radiant Energy Systems offers Pilot Line Testing, Flotation Web Dryers & Through Air Dryers. We specialize in Infrared Adhesive Dryer, Impingement Web Dryers, Roller Supported Web Dryers & Industrial Infrared Heaters. Radiant Energy Systems' team of engineers are experienced in all phases of heating system production including heaters and controls, integration of various heating sources into specific drying applications, and the cost-effective construction of complete heating systems. Technology is Constantly Changing, And We Use It To Make Our Products Better. How to Build Your Custom Infrared Heating Solution for Your Business? Call Radiant Energy Now!

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  Radiant Energy Systems  Infrared Hotline: 800-486-7786
973-423-5220 ext. 11

175 North Ethel Avenue
Hawthorne, NJ 07506