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A common use for preheating is raising your product temperature prior to entry into the main dryer, thereby quickly boosting your production rate. Our rental program offers an inexpensive and quick avenue to try preheating directly on your line.


We employ a variety of process heating technologies to suit individual drying applications. Our medium-wave infrared heaters target water’s absorption peak, efficiently bringing your product to drying temperature as quickly as possible.

We take advantage of hot air to drive the water out and off of the product, with our impingement nozzles providing a quick, powerful air turbulence, and our flotation dryers providing a gentle, drying for more delicate applications.


Our hot air ovens provide an easily maintainable temperature for longer curing process. We use heated air recirculation to improve oven efficiency and decrease excess energy expenditure wherever possible.

For sensitive applications, electric infrared provides a near-infinitely controllable temperature output and fast heat up to maximize your production time.