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Welcome to Radiant Energy Systems

Radiant Energy Systems, Inc. is at the forefront in the design and construction of high quality process heating systems utilizing the latest in hot air ovens and infrared drying and curing technology.

Process Development


Radiant Energy can help with process optimization for coating and converting lines, giving you the benefit of our in-depth knowledge on a variety of process heating technologies.



Utilizing the latest in infrared and hot air drying and curing technology, Radiant Energy provides creative, energy-efficient process heating equipment for industrial manufacturers and OEM’s worldwide.

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Radiant Energy Systems Announces New Regional Sales Office in Atlanta, GA Headed By Sales Manager Jeff Walker.

Radiant Energy Systems announced today that Jeff Walker has joined the firm as Southeast Regional Sales Manager, and will operate from Radiant Energy's new Atlanta satellite location. Jeff Walker, formerly of Impreglon, Inc. of Atlanta, GA and Glenro, Inc. of Paterson, NJ, comes with over 30 years of experience in sales of web converting & production equipment...

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7 Reasons to Choose an Infrared (IR) Dryer for Process Heating

Unlike convection dryers that transfer heat using streams of heated air, infrared dryers transfer heat by sending waves of electromagnetic energy to the object to be heated. IR provides a source of high heat with an intense burst of energy. Designed properly, IR dryers are very efficient and energy intense. Because of higher rate of heat transfer, IR dryers are often less than half the size of an equivalent hot air dryer.

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Get Your Free Guide to Evaluating Post Sales Support Before You Buy. 

Mitigating-Risk_Mock-UpThis guide is designed to help you minimize your risks with specific recommendations for vetting new heat processing equipment manufacturers, their products and solutions, as well as their service capabilities.

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